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Humans - Survive the island as one of five distinct human classes featuring an arsenal of diverse equipment. Obtain and equip new weapons and items via achievement unlocks and item drops earned during play.

Development notes[edit | edit source]

New Weapons - Ideally we would like to create a strategy that targets having 3 or more weapons available, per weapon slot, for each human character class. The mechanic variables being considered for prototyping new weapons primarily include stat adjustment and mechanic combinations

General Weapon Stats for Consideration for Weapons:

  • Damage per shot or attack
  • Clip Size or # off droppables
  • Time between shots
  • Trigger radius Accuracy/Distance
  • Fire and Reload Rate
  • Trigger Radius, duration factors for traps and other placed weapons)
  • Self-damage or friendly fire
  • Tradeoffs between High Ammo and Secondary weapon functions

Special Buff, Debuff, Impact and other Weapons Effects and Variable Elements

  • Immediate Impact Effects - knockback, capture
  • Sustained Debuff Effects - Poison, Blindness, Immolation, Marking)
  • Duration of Sustained Damage or Debuff Effect
  • Stat Buffs for 3rd slot droppable - Speed, damage reduction stamina, stamina regen, debuff resistance
  • Variable impact or damage exclusions of weapons and effects for different dinosaurs
  • Secondary Functions or attachments - limited ammo functions (like the Commando’s assault rifle/grenade launcher), melee features (like the pyro’s Chainsaw), dual fire features, adjustable power/damage (set Stun to 1 vs. 10)

Character Perks - Presently there is no differentiation between the different classes.

  • As a class-based game this might be a mechanic set worth exploring
  • Health/defense modifiers and variation
  • Resistances to debuff attacks (Trapper)
  • Crouch Accuracy Modifier (Sniper)
  • Dino detection (Pathfinder)
  • Speed(s), Stamina, Stam. drain and regen
  • Jump height, distance, stam drain (+ Sniper)

Taunts - Another mechanic we would like to implement (both for humans and dinosaurs) would be a taunt system that adds character and humor into the game, because Dinosaurs taunting…..