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Dinosaurs - Take control of one of nine dinosaur classes in order to combat the human team. Sneaking, blinding, charging, eating, or flying - there’s no shortage of ways to engage the enemy.

Development notes[edit | edit source]

  • Health, Health gain for bite attacks, finishing blow. And regen rates at feeding stations (corpses)
  • Speed(s), Stamina, Stam. Regen &drain
  • Attack speeds and melee damage
  • Jump height, distance, stam drain (Especially for assault class)
  • Variable Damage modifiers (defense) depending upon different hit boxes
  • Self-damage or friendly fire

Special Buff, Debuff, Impact and effects of Dinosaur Attacks or Class Perks and Variable Elements

  • Stam drain and cool down from special attacks
  • Sustained debuff types (health drain, visual and/or audio impairment)
  • Duration of Debuff effects on humans
  • Disablement (like the Pounce or Ptera grab)
  • Knockback effects and variable stats
  • Trample Radius (Tyrant)
  • Projectile mechanic stats (arc, range, etc)
  • Class or subclass pack bonuses
  • Radial detection and marking of humans
  • Flight and grab mechanics (Predator)
  • Progressive Damage from repeat attacks

Roar Effects and Variable Elements – Player customization of dinosaur mechanics will mainly offered through choosing new subclasses. This is because greatly modifying your dinosaur mechanics breaks the immersion, and because players always want to see more dinosaurs. However we are considering offering customizable roar mechanics within each class. We would want to record new sounds or modify existing audio files. Roar mechanics include variables such as

  • Team or Individual stat modifiers with buff-debuff combinations in many cases- health, speed, stamina drain & regen, attack damage, attack speed
  • Radius of effects that buff nearby team members or debuff nearby humans
  • Marking Humans for player or team, potentially color indicator to identify things like
  • Duration and Cool Down

Future content[edit | edit source]

Below are some of the dinosaurs that are currently midway in development which may be ready by for the PS4: